With a love of tradition (living in Japan certainly helped that!), Lady Shaula has been honoured to play at many ceremonies.
Here are some song ideas taken from ceremonies she has played at:

Christenings & Naming Ceremonies
When a Child is Born
Morning has Broken

Renewal of Vows
With You I'm Born Again
As Time Goes By

Pie Jesu
Panis Angelicus
Dust to Dust (Salathe)
Dancer in the Sky (Salathe)

German/Swiss Funerals
Du Bist die Ruh
Bist Du bei mir


Lady Shaula has played harp, piano, organ and sung at many hundreds of weddings - and is now available as a wedding planner.*

Pagan, earth-based weddings - (no deities, please) - Wicca, Wiccan, Pantheist, Nature, Earth-based weddings. Lady Shaula has played at so many of these - walk down a forest path with an irish flute playing in the mist. Come to a forested glade, where a small circle of friends and family await the bride and groom. There, a singing enchantress will lead you through the wedding ceremony, with symbols of earth, wind, fire and water and many ancient rituals which often incorporate the guests.
Harp and voice help weave the magic of this wedding linked to our ancient selves.

Modern non-religious wedding - for those of a spiritual nature who wish for a meaningful modern wedding without religion. Your celebrant will help you design the words of the ceremony, while we can take care of the theme and the 'feel' of the whole event. From relaxed sunset beach weddings to sophisticated, elegant weddings in a chapel, we can help guide you towards your wedding that will feel deeply moving, without involving church elements.

Religious wedding - from a full Catholic mass wedding to the shortest and simplest of religious weddings, we can help work with your priest, pastor, rabbi, or minister to create a sacred, seamless wedding where all the elements fall (seemingly) effortlessly into place.

Theme, Ceremony Venue, Celebrant, Wedding Ceremony, Musicians (of course), Photographer/Videographer, Wedding Cake, Reception Venue, Reception Band and more....

*All weddings must be booked with a minimum of two calendar months to work with. 25% discount if booked 6 months away from wedding date. 40% discount if booked 10 months away from wedding date.
'I've been asked to sing anything from Elvis Presley to the latest film theme at weddings. There's no wrong idea - the Signing of the Register should be your song so that years later, you'll hear the song and say 'darling, they're playing our song' - Lady Shaula

You'll need 3 pieces of music for your wedding - here are some suggestions:
The Processional (where you walk in) - this can be as short as 30 seconds, in a small space, or as long as 7 minutes, if you have 4 flower girls, 7 bridesmaids and a large staircase to enter one at a time. If it's longer than one minute, you can choose a separate song for the bride to enter. This is often best without singing - it is about stillness and weaving the magic that will create a sacred space. (Voice can be appropriate in a cathedral).

Here Comes the Bride (played slowly and beautifully on harp)
Queen of Sheeba (on church organ)
Pachelbel's Canon (harp)
Come What May (Moulin rouge) - harp/voice

Signing of the Register (one song, stretched to fit the photos and signing is best here. Two songs makes it much less special and just 'background music' to talk over)
The Wedding Song (harp/voice)
O mio babbino  (harp/voice or piano/voice)
Ave Maria (Schubert version must be sung with piano, Bach/Gounod version can be harp/voice, Caccini version can be harp/voice)
Film Themes, favourite love songs etc (Lord of the Rings - May it Be, You Are so Beautiful, 1000 years, etc)

Recessional (walking down the aisle at the end. This needs to be faster in pace and rather energetic, to help conclude the ceremony)
Ode to Joy/Wedding Bells (harp/voice)
Hail the Bright Seraphim (voice/trumpet/church organ)
Mendelsohn's Wedding March (piano or organ)