by Lady Shaula

I wrote Earthsong as a life journey from courtship, through marriage and the inevitable trials, until the wisdom of age arrives. Told with the help of traditional and original songs, Earthsong gives voice to life's turning points.

I hope the songs that honour life's sadder moments leave you with a balance of hope and the firm belief that in the great circle of life, we are given sadness and joy in equal measure if we just wait long enough and trust that, like nature, Spring will always return.


 Lady Shaula 

The stunning vocal range of Lady Shaula's golden voice (3+ octaves), accompanied by her harp or piano,  places her in concert and recording demand over the world
- in the fields of classical, music theatre, celtic & jazz.

Originally a classical pianist from Melbourne, Australia, classical crossover soprano Lady Shaula is an international harpist, singer & composer.
Her albums include  The Lullaby Kit (piano-voice) and Earthsong (celtic harp-voice) and more

She sang Carlotta in Phantom of the Opera, and has sung with Victorian State Opera & Australian Opera.
International one-woman shows include
Lady Shaula & The French Revolution,
Around Europe in an Hour,
The Musicals You've Missed, 
One Night in Vienna and
Carmen Get It.

Gifted with languages, accents and comic timing, Lady Shaula's time on stage is awe inspiring, deeply moving and just a wee bit unpredictable!

In her spare time, apart from being a mother of three lovely children and a perfect wife(!) she is the President of MSV-Malvern, The Musical Society of Victoria.


Dates for your diary


Children's Christmas with Lady Shaula on harp

The Old Stone Church, Kalorama, Falls Rd, Mt Dandenong




MSV-Malvern 152nd Annual Christmas Concert hosted by Lady Shaula and Caroline Almonte

Ewing Memorial Church



The Lullaby Kit by Shaula Salathé

by Lady Shaula

Written for the birth of her first child, Lady Shaula's 'The Lullaby Kit' is now available for download. (or send an email to purchase a physical CD). Extremely effective on insomniacs of all ages. Comes with a timely warning on the cover of the hard copy which states 'DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS CD WHILE DRIVING OR OPERATING HEAVY MACHINERY'.

The Lullaby Kit consists of you, your baby, a comfortable place (my rocking chair is my favourite), a warm drink in a lovely cup (not hot - to keep your baby safe. Milo is perfect!) and ... this CD.

Now, get yourself nice and settled. If you've got a baby in your arms, chances are you're exhausted as well, so make sure that you can both fall asleep safely where you are. Now, sip your drink slowly and sing along with bits here and there and ... well, hopefully you'll never get to hear the end of this album consciously! Good luck. Sleep when you can and never underestimate the power of a quick nap. Eventually you'll be through this exhausting phase of having a baby and you'll be back to your normal energy. I know you can get through it... on Lullaby Kit at a time...

As a mother of 3 beautiful children, I hear over and over again of the difficulties parents have enjoying the baby years. My Dad taught me the art of the Lullaby and I'm not sure who gets more from it, the listener or the singer. Try to sing along because your baby just loves your voice - no matter how terrible - loves to hear you breathing slow and low and to be held close enough to smell you.

Thank you to my husband, Andrew, my brother Scott, my Mum, all my music teachers and composer friends, my Dad (this album was recorded before he died) and most importantly, my three angels who have brought me such joy - Xander, River and Lyana.

All tracks recorded at GAS - Good Audio Sense, South Melbourne, Australia Producer - the incredibly generous and lovely Rodney Lowe Engineered by the fabulous Greg O'Shea Cello on 'Baby Mine' by the gorgeous Peter O'Reilly Back cover photo by my beautiful friend, Joslyn Rechter Graphic design & art work by Shaula

All titles (except tracks 4,6 & 7) written by Shaula Salathé and published by River Productions. Track 4 written by Emily Perl Kingsley & Jim Timmens. Reproduced courtesy of EMI on behalf of Sesame Workshop. Track 6 written by an unknown composer. This was the nightly closing theme of Melbourne's 3KZ radio in the 1920s and sung to me every night of my childhood by my father. Track 7 written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Thanks also to Rodney Lowe for believing in this project, Auntie Eda Schurmann & Eugenie Teychenné for teaching me the tools of music. Steve Wade, Dean Moore & Scott again for technical support and a big thank you to all the dear friends who have patiently supported me to finish this CD!

10% of proceeds from this album goes to the Neo-natal wards in your city and towards helping children in Third World countries.

  1. 1 $1.69 Baby Mine 03:21
  2. 2 $1.69 Middle of the Night/Pitter Pat 05:47
  3. 3 $1.69 Daddy Will Be Home Soon 02:36
  4. 4 $1.69 [Info] The Count's Lullaby 02:03
  5. 5 $1.69 In an Attic 02:46
  6. 6 $1.69 Good Night 01:32
  7. 7 $1.69 Sleep then, My Princess 02:38
  8. 8 $1.69 Wherever Daddy Is 02:39
  9. 9 $1.69 When I Go to Sleep 02:34
  10. 10 $1.69 We Are Going Home 02:50
  11. 11 $1.69 Loo Lah Lay 01:41
  12. 12 $1.69 At Night 07:51
  13. 13 $1.69 Go to Sleep 04:26

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